Video Workshops

We are overjoyed to bring you online activities courtesy of our talented local artists. If you have a go at one of these please do let us know, we would love to see! 

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Soothing Motivational Drawing with Meltem Arikan

Local artist, playwright, novelist, poet and political dissident, Meltem Arikan, #CaradArtistOfTheMonth for March 2021, has made a wonderful workshop on meditative, motivational drawing – designed to keep you focused on what you need and inspired to achieve it.

Why not look at her Website!

Making Mandalas with Jane Mason

Local artist and force of Nature,  Jane Mason #CaradArtistOfTheMonth for February 2021, guides us through techniques to develop our own beautiful mandalas.

Why not look at her Website!

Mushroom Madness! Artistic Spore Prints

Some tips and basic information on how to create a beautiful mushroom spore print! Remember to always be respectful to nature and careful as some mushrooms can seriously hurt or even kill you.

Monoprinting with JELLY!

Learn how to create simple and fun monoprints with NO equipment required – just paint, a roller (or brush!) and a packet of JELLY!