About Us

CARAD provides a creative hub which nurtures and showcases the area’s rich social and cultural heritage and which celebrates our rural area and its natural history. We seek to create a culturally vibrant and resilient community.

To do this we:

– Promote participation in arts and heritage activity for social, personal, cultural and wider economic benefit.
– Encourage individuals to develop and share existing skills and inspire them to learn new ones.
– Use creative projects to celebrate and represent the area’s distinctive voices.
– Work in partnership with all ages and abilities to foster a sense of place, worth and confidence.
– Work with a variety of local organisations to develop strong cross community links.

We have always been an ambitions and creative organisation. We deliver smaller community focused activities and workshops as well as larger town wide events and we contribute to or support other community initiatives and organisations. This enables us to offer a broad range of opportunities to the community and to visitors.

With Thanks to Our Funders

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