Stories and Songs from Three Celtic Homelands

Storytelling celebrating the Celtic calendar and local traditions

The Light Aligns: March 21st, 2021

This is the fourth event in a series which celebrates the Celtic Calendar and an exciting collaboration of three women storytellers – Maria Gillen from Ireland, Shona Cowie from Scotland, and Kama Roberts from Wales.

Spring Equinox is the point where everything is held in perfect balance. It is an opportunity to celebrate the new growth that is springing out of the darkness of Winter- most of us have felt that darkness more than ever this year.

With thanks to Toby Hay for the music and James Jones-Morris for the artwork.

Spring Awakening: February 1, 2021

Storytellers Maria Gillen, Shona Cowie and Kama Roberts return with stories and songs from their Celtic Homelands.

This is the third event by the trio, in a series which celebrates the Celtic calendar of festivities through stories and traditions, old and new, from Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

St Brigid’s day in Ireland is an important event and so this time Maria Gillen will be the host. With thanks to special guests: Paddy Reagan, Davóg Rynne, and Nuala Hayes.

With thanks to James Jones-Morris for the artwork.

The Return of the Light: December 20, 2020

We are delighted to be gathering in again to share stories from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We will be recognising the wisdom of old traditions and making some new ones as we wish farewell to the year that has been and welcome in new light, warmth and intentions for the year to come. In the old times it was quite usual for people in Wales to set a spare place at the table for any unexpected guests, in this way we set a place for you-we invite you to eat and drink with us while you hear the stories. 

Image: A cropped version of a painting by James Jones-Morris Music: ALAW ‘santiana’

Gather In: November 1st, 2020

A special evening of traditional Halloween story from three Celtic Homelands.
Three storytellers (Maria Gillen, Shona Howie and Kama Roberts) from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales combine their local traditions, song, and stories to weave a mesmerizing journey inspired by Samhain and Calan Gaeaf.

This event isn’t designed for children and could be frightening, Parental guidance required. This event was broadcast live via Zoom on the 1st November.

Image: James Jones-Morris
Music: ALAW ‘santiana’