Our Work With Elan Links

CARAD are partners in the Elan Links scheme, helping to deliver arts, heritage, community engagement and a programme of activities for the Scheme.

Currently we are engaged in contributing to the Eco Museum app being developed.

To get involved please contact ourselves or look at their volunteering opportunities.


The Elan Valley is a special place with a unique landscape, story and history.

Elan Links is a National Lottery Heritage funded scheme which aims to secure this heritage and boost the opportunities available in the Elan Valley for the future.

26 projects will be delivered between 2018 and 2023 under four themes:

Celebrating heritage – Protecting and restoring historic sites and archiving people’s histories and stories.

Enjoying Elan – Increasing access, recreation and learning opportunities for visitors.

Experience and education – Providing opportunities to experience the Elan Valley through volunteering, as well as education and training.

Enhancing nature and wildlife – Restoring and enhancing natural environment.

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