Dragon Club!

Arts & Crafts Activities For All Ages & Abilities

Dragon Club is a themed subscription email with multiple art & craft activities, local history, folklore, and stories as well as a colouring in sheet (digital and printable versions) and a digital jigsaw to have a go at. 

Inspired by our wonderful local area –
the nature, the history, the people.

100% free forever, and using basic, easy to find materials. 

Sent out via email once a month. 

You can find previous Dragon Club activities here, and some craft videos to follow!

 If you have a go, please tell us all about it because we would love to see. 

Dragon Club is currently run through the medium of English. We hope to be able to offer this to you in Welsh in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Mae Clwb y Ddraig (Dragon Club) yn cael ei gynnal ar hyn o bryd trwy gyfrwng y Saesneg.  Gobeithir gallu cynnig hwn i chi yn y Gymraeg yn y dyfodol.  Diolch am eich dealltwriaeth. 


Previous Dragon Club Activities

Craft Videos

Dragon Spinner!

Jar of Dragon's Breath!

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