Meet The Team!

Catherine Allan

I work at CARAD as Chair of Trustees and Co-Director with Krysia Bass. I am a founder member of the charity and have spent my adult years working in community development and the creative industries. I am an artist working in a variety of media. I have an interest in health and wellbeing and continue to be involved with CARAD because of the positive personal and community changes I have seen the organisation facilitate.I am also motivated by seeing the significant economic impact that arts and heritage work can have on a locality.

Peter Cox

I’m Peter Cox, Playwright & Screenwriter, and the official CARAD Dragon Wrangler! I’ve been involved with CARAD since 1991 and was Chair of Trustees for 12 years. As a current Trustee I offer strategic sectoral knowledge and guidance and take responsibility for site and building matters, exhibition construction and delivering events.

Krysia Bass

I am Krysia Bass and have been involved with CARAD since its inception in many roles from volunteer, workshop leader, exhibition creator and am currently a Trustee and Co- Director alongside Cath. When not in the office, I can be found at my allotment or printing my own fabric to then turn into useful and colourful items.

Rosie Slay

I’m Rosie, CARAD’s Project Officer. I help organise events, fundraise, oversee digital channels and manage arts and community projects. 

On my days off, I teach yoga and infant massage, make textiles and go walking in the hills. 

Michelle Thomas

I am CARAD’s bean-counter. I consider it a privilege to work with such creative, inspired, and professional people, and I am very pleased I can do some of the more mundane tasks – accounts, budgets, statutory form-filling, etc, etc. It all helps to keep things going in the background, while the main team can get on with the nitty gritty of CARAD.

When not working for CARAD, I am an active member of my geology group, organising online talks at the moment, but looking forward to getting back to organising field-trips. Oh, and I’m also learning Welsh!

We also have wonderful trustees, including;

Jose Worgan

Tess Mitchel

Mary Elster

Heather Curry

Jess Tyler

All the work we do is supported by a team of volunteers, without whom CARAD could not function.

Curious about joining us? We’ve got many positions available and the kettle is always on!

Check out our volunteering page for more details…

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