La Lune by Sun Li Tsuei, Saturday 24th August 7pm

Shang Orientheatre presents La Lune

Sun Li Tsuei embodies as a hermit, lives alone in a mountain, one night she is unable to fall asleep, she develops a strange and close relationship with the moon... and with the moon, she regains her serenity... she is transformed.

With two actors and two musicians.

60 minutes

Sun Li Tsuei founded Shang Orientheatre in 1999. Sun Li Tsuei has practised Tai Chi Chuan since her childhood and is a graduate of the National Taiwan Academy of Arts. During the 1980s she lived in Paris and joined the schools of Jacques Lecoq and the mime Marcel Marceau. Shang Orientheatre presents a modern form alternative style influenced by the practise of martial arts and the ancient Ya Yue dance of the Imperial Court form.

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