Carnival, Festival and Shows

Our beloved Dragon, Queen Belrenin, loves to come out into the community to catch up with friends new and old. 

If she’s out with her Dragon Wranglers, Peter Cox and Kate Hart the Aerialist, you can hop up on top!

We’ve hoisted all ages, from 6 to 83, so don’t be afraid to give it a go next time you see us!

“That was amazing. It made me feel really good, really strong”

All about Queen Belrenin

This impressive dragon sculpture was created as a collaboration between CARAD and local sculptor, Richard Taylor.

She was made between 1999 and 2001, to celebrate the new millennium. Residents of Rhayader, their relatives living all over the world, and even vulnerable communities such as Brazilian street children created her scales. She has over 5000 recycled copper scales, all of which are shaped and stamped with initials to commemorate mothers, fathers, children, and the makers themselves. Millions of people have enjoyed seeing her at shows, exhibitions, and on television. She was given the name ‘Queen Belrenin’ by children from Rhayader Primary School.

If Rhayader lies in the heart of Wales, Queen Belrenin lies in the heart of Rhayader.

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