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Get Involved: #CaradDifferentChristmas

How was this Christmas different?
How different is the way you spend your Christmas from the way your grandparents did?
Do you have any family traditions that have been passed down from them?

This year’s celebrations are likely to be so different from the way we are used to celebrating, and different still from the way our grandparents celebrated. There is also difference in the ways we all individually celebrate.

We would like to record those differences, so that we have a record for the future. Please share whatever you would like with us – a few words, a picture of your decorations, or just how you’re feeling.

#CaradDifferentChristmas. This is your history. Help us tell it.





Hope Quilt

Calling all those who would like to sew.

Could you sew a patch which could be made into part of a quilt or hanging? We would like it to express something which symbolises hope – be it a symbol, plant, word or image or just a colour.

Cotton fabric, dress weight, 6” x6”.

If sewing isn’t your thing then a small drawing or other creative item or piece of writing would be perfect.
We would like to have an exhibition which illustrates different aspects of the world changing pandemic. Please post into the letterbox on the wall of the Museum or drop it in when we reopen.

Recording Lockdown

We would like to have a record of what lockdown was like here. We can keep contributor’s names confidential. Everyone’s story is unique, important and makes up part of the picture of our community’s experience. We want to make sure that future generations don’t forget what it was like to experience the effects of the pandemic. We would like to collect people’s stories of a day in lockdown or of working at this time. Would you send us a diary day entry which describes how you spend a day? 250 – 300 words would be great. Please send it either via e mail to or post a written ( or drawn / photo) diary entry to our post box on the Museum wall. Please include contact details. We would like to include extracts in a future exhibition so let us know if you prefer to be anonymous in that. Many thanks.